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We trace the remarkable journey of melba, the Newcastle-based DJ and artist, following her electrifying set at Bleached Club and as we find her in a string of remarkable releases.
July 25, 2023
Aliaa Aly

In the vibrant city of Newcastle, England, a passionate Sophie Melba is making waves in the electronic music scene. At the age of 24, Sophie's musical journey has been shaped by her diverse influences and her unwavering curiosity to explore new sounds. Growing up, Melba found solace and inspiration in the fast-paced beats of Makina and Clubland, which ignited her love for electronic music and set the foundation for her unique sonic palette. This exclusive interview delves into Melba's remarkable journey, her latest track “Insatiable”, and her unwavering commitment to promoting diversity within the industry. Join us as we uncover the essence of Melba's artistry and explore the path she envisions for herself and the music scene.

While music plays a major role in Melba’s life, she also nurtures her other interests. With a background in design and currently pursuing a master's degree in political science, Melba demonstrates her ability to harmoniously blend her various passions. Juggling work and university commitments, she dedicates her evenings to music, immersing herself in the world of mixing and producing. Melba's self-taught journey involved countless hours of exploring online resources, soaking up knowledge from YouTube tutorials, and honing her skills.

“I’m just an extremely curious person. I want to do everything. My friends would say that I try to juggle way too many things but I just love it. I’ll never ever get sick of that.”

An amiable presence within the Newcastle club scene since 2015, it was only a matter of time until Melba found her calling as a DJ and producer in 2022. Sophie's journey into the world of music began with a deep-rooted love for the fast-paced rhythms of Makina and Clubland. These early influences shaped her musical tastes and ignited a desire to create her own unique soundscapes. Her music is a testament to her ever-evolving creative journey, drawing inspiration from the various genres she grew up with.

For Melba, the production process is a labour of love. Melba takes pride in incorporating elements from her diverse background and interests, ensuring that each track is a true reflection of her multifaceted personality. Drawing from her design background, she merges her artistic talents with her musical prowess, creating captivating artwork for her tracks. Collaboration and feedback play an integral role in her creative process, as she actively seeks input from experienced individuals to refine her sound. “I love receiving feedback from honestly anyone. Especially if they have more experience than I do. I wouldn’t say that I’m overprotective over my music, if anything I like to send it out to as many people as possible.”

Prepare to be blown away by Melba's latest release, "Insatiable," which hit the airwaves in March 2023 under the label "Gimme a Break Records." This track is an absolute powerhouse, bursting with energy from its blazing 160 BPM footwork-inspired introduction to its explosive jersey club-style kick drop. Brace yourself for a thrilling musical journey that will leave you electrified and itching to move your body. Melba's meticulous attention to detail is evident in "Insatiable." She dedicated months of creative passion, starting the production process all the way back in October 2022. She takes her time producing, affirming that "It never ends! There's always something new to find, and that's what makes it so exciting!"

But Melba didn't stop there. Drawing upon her design background, she crafted captivating animations to accompany the release of this track, ensuring a multi-sensory experience that transcends the boundaries of sound alone.

Despite her commitments, Melba still finds time to indulge in the exhilarating experience of clubbing and attending festivals. When she goes to see someone, she really likes, she's like, "Hmm, what did this person do to make me feel this way?" Drawing inspiration from the likes of LCY and their “crazy transitions” she yearns for that make you get that “Wait wait what – what’s going on.. is the set ending or what’s happening?” kind of feeling that comes with their tracks.

However, Melba believes that the clubbing scene in England has room for improvement. Commercialization and capitalistic tendencies have overshadowed the underground and marginalized music that embodies the soul of the scene. Melba envisions a more inclusive and authentic clubbing experience that celebrates diversity. “Music is so powerful – it brings so many people together and there is so much love within it,” and that is the spirit Melba wants to provide for everyone when she’s playing.

As a woman in the industry, Melba acknowledges the unique challenges she faces. Women are often discouraged from venturing into technical and experimental aspects of music, leading to a lack of representation in these areas. That’s why she “wants anyone to be able to go to (my) event and feel safe and like they can enjoy themselves thoroughly” and her aim is to provide “spaces that make people feel celebrated, comfortable and safe.”

Melba's journey is far from over. With her sights set on the horizon, she continues to push boundaries and explore uncharted territories. Collaborations with like-minded artists and labels are on the horizon, as she seeks to connect with individuals who resonate with her unique vibe. Sophie remains committed to creating transformative experiences through her music. Stay on the lookout for her next tracks Venus and Heaven.