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Something to do with apple watches and rods brownies??

Pod N.121


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bad internet

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Following his guest appearance at our relaunch in Hoxton last week, bad internet gives us the lowdown on running a record label, the support networks he is pushing, and the progress of his upcoming EP.


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Following on from his appearance at our live session from Let It Roll Records, CMRN. After a tough year, we discussed the impact of moving things online, and the rampant elitism in dance music.

Just Nope!

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Following an incredible Bleached Club set, guest Just Nope! got down and dirty with the team to discuss what he plays, how he got there, and the key relationships he's build along the way.


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Our latest guest is DJ, promoter and party connoisseur, CITIZEN. Following his mindblowing live set for us on Monday, read a little bit more about where it began, the saving grace of lockdown radio, and the future of a more diverse party scene in London.

Dirk Diggler

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Next at Bleached Club’s door is house DJ, Dirk Diggler. With his love for dance music being borne out of the tight Oxford party scene, Diggler knows how to orchestrate a good time. We caught up with him ahead of his guest appearance this coming Monday.


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Following a long period of heavy lockdown, Chickie finally ditched the Zoom to go and have a chat with our next guest, AKIRA. Designer, label curator and true local, the drum ‘n’ bass DJ told us about the importance of community, his intense work ethic, and the birth of his fashion + music label Buntai.


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Our next guest on Bleached Club is house producer WORKWEAR. After several years playing in bands, gigging around the south and getting involved in various creative projects across London, Beth is now fine tuning her production skills into house music. We asked her about what makes dance music so special ahead of her guest appearance next Monday.


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Making his return to the decks with Bleached Club this weekend, we spoke to emerging bass-house producer Sentido, as he discusses the life of the genre in the UK, producing during the pandemic, and the community who pushed him to pursue music in the beginning.


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Despite a quieter start to London life than anticipated, the lockdown has had new kid on the block JVZ busy behind the scenes. Chickie caught up with her ahead of her guest appearance for Bleached Club this weekend.