Another raw, provocative and visceral mix of carefully selected music by BXN; DJ, producer, visual artist, fashion designer, and co-curator of the audiovisual label BEACON. Typical of BXN’s slippery and dynamic “haute electronic” music taste, this provoking mix dances along the bleeding-edge of genre. The genre-fluid mix includes breaks, booty techno, industrial, and (as usual) lots of experimental sub types that can be expected. It takes on a slightly more aggressive and grungy temperament to BXN’s previous works of euphoric and EDM type selections, as a heavier and more aggressive white-knuckle mix is crafted here for Bleached Club.


FLAWAPOWA is a South London DJ specialising in all things hard + groovy. from hypnotic techno 2 wicked fast gabber + psytrance, their main aim is to make u dance! @squiggly_radio showcases their love 4 fast paced electronic music, spinning their favourite genres + obscure sounds, ranging from 140bpm grooves up 2 the fastest hardcore genres. STUFF 2 KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF. The 2nd hour of the show presents Bleached resident FETCH* w/ a more atmospheric mix littered w/ a bit of punch to take u through the summer evenings.

Liminetta + Karpo b2b Call of the Void

Hailing from north London, DJ + producer Liminetta provides a sonic exploration of liminality in all its forms. as a DJ, she provides eclectic blends of soulful sounds + deep beats, focused on the spaces between sounds + the blurred lines between genres. ranging from hip hop, jazz + electronica to techno, breakbeat + bass, expect a sexy selection of organised chaos. The 2nd hour of the radio show presents the Karpo b2b Call of the Void set from the Bleached Club night at The Glove That Fits on 9/6/23.

Hysteria w/ Bleached Club: Karpo & Chickie


Bleached resident Karpo delivers a solo 2 hrs the komrad dec show. Expect lots of music that you can dance to.

FETCH* + Ynkken

Ynkken is a Berlin-based Australian born DJ + producer who works to blend the intensity from his background in the punk + hardcore scenes w/ the more euphoric sides of techno + rave to build sets that can be as emotional as they are relentlessly energetic. Bleached resident FETCH* follows up w/ a driving techno mix based around his Bleached set @ The Glove That Fits w/ a wealth of new found bandcamp goodies.

Omnisciente and Call of the Void

flxclxc & Riann

Karpo and Oh See

Chickie & Call of the Void

FETCH* & Karpo